Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happy Thursday everyone. Today is kinda my Monday. I work the next 4 nights. I need to get a lot done between now and Sunday. Sunday is Rick's 47th birthday. I make his cards every year from me and the kids. I finished Ivi's this morning. I try to use a picture of them and incorporate a memory with it. This is a picture of Ivi in Colorado sitting next to a rock in Garden of the Gods. I used a photo editing to distort the picture a bit. I hope to be back later with Cory and my cards.

I would also love to do the SCS card challenge today, it is to make a Halloween card, and I love Halloween. Well buy for now talk with you soon.


katydid said...

Wow! Your cards are Awesoem Pam and what a great idea!!!

rebecca said...

How about a tutorial on your photo-editing techniques? This card is too cool for words.