Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The new American Doll outfit!!!

Well today Ivi and I decided to go the the local doll store. She has the American Girl Doll "Kirsten". She received this doll two years ago for her 5th birthday and is just now getting into the excitement of them. Yesterday we went to the movie and saw "Kit Kittredge An American Girl" the movie was great. So today we decided to go and check out what clothes the local store had. (I say local it is about 40 minutes from our home). Wow the clothes seem to be higher than the ones from the American Girl catalog. So I told Ivi I would sew her some. Well I did not mean today, but she would not let me forget it.

Her birthday is at the end of this month. Her theme for her birthday party is Hannah Montana. Her colors for the birthday is teal and lavender. Yes we match everything!! Anyway so we decided to use some of the bandannas we had to make her doll a matching outfit. So this is what we came up with. I also made the birthday hat and gift bag.

So what do you think?? Ivi thinks we could make an outfit everyday. I told her think how long it took me to do this one. She then said "well then you don't have to make one on the nights you work". She is so good to me!!!

Hugs Pam


Beth said...

Bwahahahahaha! Yes, that is what I'm doing after Ivi's comments to you! Looking out for Mom on those nights she works! This is too cute! My 11-year-old has several AG Dolls from over the years and my MIL has made her tons of clothes. Such neat play! Your HM outfit looks awesome- no wonder she wants more. HM is big around our house, also! My 4-year-old goes around the house singing "Best of Both Worlds"- it's hilarious! For my 11 -year-olds birthday, we are going to the Jonas Brother's Concert in Atlanta. I hope I survive!

Julia Aston said...

How very cute! love the dress and fun 'accessories'! Got to keep the young girls happy! great job Pam!