Monday, August 4, 2008

I am so spoiled!!!

Today is my 46th birthday, or as my daughter may tell you my 60th or my sister may tell you my 45th. Anyway I woke up to Rick and Ivi saying Happy Birthday. Rick and I went out for breakfast to one of my favorite restaurants Mie, mie's. I love the New Orleans feel of the place. There Rick gave me these red roses. I was so surprised!!. Oh before I left to meet Rick, Cory gave me this card he made for me. Wow a 19 year old fraternity sophomore making his mom a card!! I will treasure this for always. Then this afternoon a knock came at the door and these beautiful flowers with the bear came from my sister Jana. So after all of this can you say SPOILED!!! I am truly blessed with a wonderful and loving family. Ivi said she had a card for me but I could not get it till later. So I will be back with it later.

Hugs Pam

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Julia Aston said...

A very happy b'day to you Pam! what a fun day you had!